How to Allow Media file upload access for contributor users role


Today i will teach you, How to Allow Media file upload access for contributor users role, we know WordPress default system is contributor users role can’t upload any media files. if you want to allow upload media files for contributor users role, then you can use two way. Way One ( Using Plugin ) : […]

How to use Masonry in WordPress

Maosnry Example

Hi, Today i will show with you how to enable masonry or how to use Masonry in your WordPress website. What is Masonry? Masonry is a JavaScript grid layout library. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall. You’ve probably […]

How to Enable RSS for custom post type’s

Hi, Today I will teach you how to get enable rss for custom post type’s. You can use this link without any coding Just change the post_type name to the one that you want to create a separate RSS feed for. Are you looking to take it to the next level and make it […]

How to Automatic Crop Image in WordPress

WordPress Logo

Today i will teach you How to Automatic Crop Image in WordPress, if you know how to development WordPress theme, then you need to this functions. examples: If you have WordPress themes all posts featured images option, and when you written any articles and when publish your article then you can use featured image, so […]

How to Transfer Big or Small Files server to server using PHP script

File transfer server to server

Hi Today i will teach you how to How to Transfer Big or Small Files server to server using PHP script, this work is very easy, if you’re new user? no tension, It’s very easy, just you will create new file extension is php, example: download.php [Note: Must Be you have enabled show file extensions […]

How Allow Email Provider for registration your site

Hello Everybody how are you? today i will teach you how to allow email provider for registration in your website. it’s easy work. we know, lot of spammer everyday spamming in WordPress site  and spamming register using lot of one time visuals email  provider, so if you want to off another spamming email servers then […]

How to install WordPress in localhost step by step

Hi, today i will teach you how to install WordPress in your pc (localhost server) if you don’t know what is localhost server? then you can read this article locahost, if you want to use your computer for offline server then you need to create server configure in your computer, but if you don’t know […]

how to enable comments for custom posts

WordPress Comments Form

Today i will tech you, how to enable comments form/comments_template in custom posts. It’s very easy this work. just follow below coding… I think you know how to create custom post, but if you don’t know then i will share you, just see below code for normal custom post register. just you can see support […]

How to Create Youtube and Vimeo videos embed shortcode in wordpress

Videos Embeds

Today i will tech you how to create youtube and vimeo video embed shortcode in your WordPress websites. just copy below shortcode and past in your functions.php page. Now you shortcode is youtube for videos and vimeo for vimeos videos. Youtube Shortcode if you want to input any video from youtube then you need […]

How to submit your plugins in WordPress Plugins Directory step by step with screenshot

WordPress Plugins

Hi guys how are you? i think you’re always good. today i teach you, how to submit your plugins in WordPress Directory. if you don’t seen our another post, how to upload your plugin after approved your plugin then if you want, you can see this post: how to upload plugin in WordPress directory after […]

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