Terms & Conditions

Rules & Regualation about Post

  1. Blog Post: This is a technical blog. So every post must be related to technical.
  2. Writing Language: Here allow in only English Language.
  3. Writing Procedure: Before posting your post, you have to assure that there is nobody will be harassed for your post. If anybody faced a problem to understand this post, he can be comment in comment box and the person who post he have to answer on properly.
  4. Hacking & Cracking: You can write post related to hacking, cracking, phishing and cyber-crime.
  5. Link: Here you cannot publish half post or you cannot use your own link. You must be completed your post in here. But you can use link if you would be posted this in before. You never share link for earning money. Advertisement related post are not allowed.
  6. Serial Key: You may not share or upload any software serial key, crack or patch file. In this case, you can share link in another file sharing site. But authority can remove this sharing link if he considered it illegal.
  7. Copy Writing: You may not post by copying of another post same to same. But you can edit it in according to your own speech and then will be posted it. In this case you have to be attached the previous writer’s source link.
  8. Objectives: You may not post for any advertisement. You may also not be publishing for another site’s credit or infamy. You must think that your post would be qualitative or not. Because our main target is to go ahead towards technology by helping one another.
  9. Sharing Morality: You never publish or share any post by breaking the rules of illegal, bawdy and copyright.
  10. Social & Religious: You may not publish any post related to the insult of social, religious and political view.
  1. Information of Personal Communication: You may not published any personal communication information by sharing mobile number, e-mail address or blog link.
  2. Earning: You have to assure your post about outsourcing or online earning. You may not published any post about dishonest occupation and people.
  3. Information: Your post may be pending if your post would be same as Wikipedia or media. Authority can be published this post if they considered it positive or helpful.
  4. Worn Number: Your post have to remain at least 250 word. Otherwise, your post remain pending.
  5. Editing Writing: Authority have the right of changing and extending any post.
  6. Feature Image: Every post must be attached at least one feature image related to your post. Otherwise, you may be pending for publishing.
  7. Category: Every post must be selected at least two category related to your post. Otherwise, you may be pending for publishing.
  8. Tag: Every post must be selected minimum three tag & maximum five tag related to your post. Otherwise, you may be pending for publishing.


Rules & Regulation about Comment

  1. Behavior: There may not be used any misusage, bawdy language, insulting, incitement word. You may never attract anybody personally.
  1. Cracking Serial: There may not directly share any serial key or crack in comment.
  2. Objectives of Advertisement: There may not be shared any website link for advertising.

Rules & Regulation about Account

  1. Account & Name: There is no right to create an ID & Name in an illegal way that means to insult of any man, society, social, political and religious view.


  1. Profile Picture: There is no right to use a profile picture by insulting man, society, social, political and religious view.


  1. Account Permission: After completing your registration, you can post here. But this post not to be published immediately. Because after publishing your post, this post will remain pending for review by admin or authority. If your post does not break our rules & regulation then the admin published your post. Therefore, your first five post will be remain waiting for review by admin. If your five post publishing without breaking any rules & regulation then you have to permit to post in your own account. Then your post will be published immediately.



[ N.B: The authority of “WP Tutorials” keep the power of change or extend the rules & regulation without announcing before. ]

“WP Tutorials” does not bear the liability of publishing any text, image or comment in this blog.

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Last Update: December 21, 2015 | 2:39 PM

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