How to fix wordpress errors and Issues

I will fix your WordPress any errors within 24 hours I will fix WordPress issue and errors, I have 3+ years of experience in WordPress development, I am expert in themes and plugins development. I will fix your any type of WordPress websites issues or problems. I can help you in following errors but you […]

How to Use a temporary variable from jquery function in Angularjs controller

jquery logo

added the a button with a ng-click event as follows: then in your controller in jquery: You can see full code below You can see Demo Here You can use cookie plugin Download Here How to use this plugin Available Options   expires: Define lifetime of the cookie. Value can be a Number (which will […]

How to Register widgets in WordPress

Widgets Register in wordpress

Hello, Today i will teach you how to register widgets in WordPress. It’s simple work. just open your functions.php file in your current active theme folder, and input this code Now you can call / show display your content use below code If you want to use with condition then you can use below codes […]

How to register shortcode for custom post types

Today i will teach you how to register shortcode for custom post or your default post option. you can see below codes for register shortcode. Your Shortcode wp-post Example: If you will register post type is testimonial see below register new custom post codes. You we can understand our post type is testimonial and if […]

How to Allow Media file upload access for contributor users role


Today i will teach you, How to Allow Media file upload access for contributor users role, we know WordPress default system is contributor users role can’t upload any media files. if you want to allow upload media files for contributor users role, then you can use two way. Way One ( Using Plugin ) : […]

How to use Masonry in WordPress

Maosnry Example

Hi, Today i will show with you how to enable masonry or how to use Masonry in your WordPress website. What is Masonry? Masonry is a JavaScript grid layout library. It works by placing elements in optimal position based on available vertical space, sort of like a mason fitting stones in a wall. You’ve probably […]

How to Enable RSS for custom post type’s

Hi, Today I will teach you how to get enable rss for custom post type’s. You can use this link without any coding Just change the post_type name to the one that you want to create a separate RSS feed for. Are you looking to take it to the next level and make it […]

How to Automatic Crop Image in WordPress

WordPress Logo

Today i will teach you How to Automatic Crop Image in WordPress, if you know how to development WordPress theme, then you need to this functions. examples: If you have WordPress themes all posts featured images option, and when you written any articles and when publish your article then you can use featured image, so […]

How to Transfer Big or Small Files server to server using PHP script

File transfer server to server

Hi Today i will teach you how to How to Transfer Big or Small Files server to server using PHP script, this work is very easy, if you’re new user? no tension, It’s very easy, just you will create new file extension is php, example: download.php [Note: Must Be you have enabled show file extensions […]

Free WordPress Bangla Video Tutorials A to Z [Basic]

WordPress Logo

Today i will share with you, WordPress Video Tutorials, if you download this tutorials then you can do how to use WordPress and how to use WordPress dashboard, you can download below links. Download WordPress Download LocalHost Download XAMPP Upload WordPress Database Create Configure WordPress WordPress Dashboard WordPress Template WordPress SEO WordPress Author WordPress Category […]

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