How to install WordPress in localhost step by step


Hi, today i will teach you how to install WordPress in your pc (localhost server) if you don’t know what is localhost server? then you can read this article locahost, if you want to use your computer for offline server then you need to create server configure in your computer, but if you don’t know how to create then you can use localhost server software, then you can use easily, i have 2 most popular software

  1. XAMPP
  2. WAMP

It’s free software, so you can use full free, now i will teach you with using XAMPP software. if you have already installed in your pc then we will go to work, but if you don’t have installed in your pc then you will install this software, or if you don’t have the software you can download this link LocalHost XAMPP , and if you don’t know how to install this software you can see this post ‘How to setup localhost software in my Computer‘.

Now we can go to install WordPress.

Step # 01: Now we need WordPress Software. so we have download WordPress latest version from official website. so click here to download WordPress latest version.

WordPress Download

Screenshot_2Step # 02: When complete Download then you will unzip this file because this is zip file, if you don’t know what is zip then you can see search ‘what is zip file’ in google, so now you will unzip this WordPress zip file, when you unzip your zipfile then you can see one new folder name of WordPress, you can see below screenshot


Step # 03: You will open this folder then you can see lot of file. see below screenshot.

Screenshot_4Step # 04: Now select all file, then you can copy or cut this file, and go to your (C) Drive/your localhost software setup location.

When you open (C) Drive then you can see xampp folder. then you will open this folder




Now you open htdocs folder


Step # 05: Now you will create new folder any name example: wp-tutorials then past your WordPress all file.


Past All WordPress file

Screenshot_8Step # 06: Now you will open your xampp software ‘XAMPP Control Panel‘ you can search in your pc search option or find all program option.

Screenshot_9Now Click Start this 2 options



When this color is green then you will open your internet browser then visit http://localhost/phpmyadmin

Step # 07: Now create new database name, click here database and input any name database then click create.


When create complete then you can see this message


Step # 8: Now you will visit localhost/your folder name you was created new folder (follow step 5, example: wp-tutorials)

When you visit your localhost/yourfoldername then you can see this screen, see below screenshot

click here let’s go



Step #09: Now you will input you database name, you was created Step o7,

Screenshot_15Database Name: your database name

User Name: root

Password: empty

Database Host: localhost

Table Prefix: default is wp_, if you want to change then you can change this prefix, i will suggest you change is better for security issue.


Then you will click Submit

Step # 10 : if your all fields is ok then you can see Run Install option, then you will click this.


Step # 11: Input your website name information.


Site Title: Your Web site Name

User Name: your login user name (don’t use admin for security issue)

Password: type your Password (Don’t use low Password)

Your Email: input your personal email address.

Then click Install WordPress


Now Just wait for install complete WordPress.

Now Setup is success


Step # 12:

Your WordPress install is complete, if you want to visit your website, then you can visit localhost/yourfoldername or if you login your wp-admin panel, then click here login or visit localhost/yourfoldername/wp-admin

then input your username and password you was Step # 11.


Then you can see your admin panel.

All Has been Done, thanks for reading this article.

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