How to Add Your Plugin to the WordPress Plugins Directory


Hi guys how are you? i think you’re always fine, today i teach you how to upload your plugin in WordPress Plugins Directory after approved.

If you don’t know How to submit your plugin? just click here

What you need for this work?

  1. Your Developed Approved Plugins for WordPress Directory
  2. Tortoise SVN Software (if you don’t have, see download link below this post)
  3. Account in WordPress Directory
  4. 772px-250px banner for plugin top banner palace (Optional)

At first you need approved plugin, when you developed any plugin for WordPress then you need to submit WordPress Directory, if you don’t know how to submit? see this post.

when your submitted plugin approved then you can get email [ Plugins] Request Approved: this title from see below screenshot

Plugin publish

Copy SVN Folders

Now you can open this email and see SVN link and copy this link

Plugin upload for publish

Now you can create new folder for this plugin in your Computer. and open your new folder then right click and click here SVN Checkout

SVN Checkout

then you can see Checkout box Option and past your copy SVN link in first input box, (You can see your link automatic pasted in this input box, if don’t have pasted? then you can manually past)

SVN link

Now click OK and wait please, you can see copy folder from WordPress to your computer.

copy svn folder from WordPress

now you can see after complete download SVN folder from WordPress

svn folder copy complate

Upload functions files

Now you can copy your plugin all functions files with readme.txt file. and past here trunk folder.

Plugin functions files in trunk folder

Select all file then Right Click > TortoiseSVN > Add , you can see screenshot below

Add All file in SVN

Now again select file and right click then you can click SVN Commit , you can see below screenshot

SVN Commit

Now you can type any text for upload your main file so need to required comment text. and click OK

SVN upload comment

Now you need to login on account. so you can input your username and password then click OK. you can see below screenshot

Account login for

Now you can see upload your functions files. when upload complete then click OK

SVN file upload

Image/Screenshot/Banner Upload


  1. Banner Name = banner-772×250.png
  2. Screenshot Name = screenshot-01, screenshot-02, screenshot-3

if you want to upload any screenshots and banner for your plugin? just you can create banner 772px-250px, and also require save “banner-772×250.png” name,

now you can copy your all images and past in assets folder

select your all images and right click > Tortorise SVN > Add (you can see below screenshot)

images upload in plugins

now you can click SVN commit

plugin image upload svn commit

type any text and click OK


Now uploading your images, when this complete then click OK


now all work has been done, if you want visit your plugin link and you can see 🙂

If you don’t know what is your plugin link? just you can see after text copy text and visit text link

note: your text link replace your text and visit example:

Download TortoiseSVN Software:

Thank you, if you think this is helpfully post, then please share this post.

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2 thoughts on “How to Add Your Plugin to the WordPress Plugins Directory”

  1. Ft Farhad says:

    Thanks. But where is the Download link of Tortoise?

    1. Md Abul Bashar says:

      What’s the tutorial do you want to download ?

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