Why do you learning web development

why learning web development

1. No college degree required. No need to sit in a class room learning outdated or unnecesary material. Instead you can teach yourself the latest technologies for free with resources like Codecademy, this blog JavaScript.is(********), Codepen of course, and these two books HTML&CSS and Javascript&jQuery. Although the books aren’t free, they are easy to learn […]

How to design Circle bar chart in your web template?

doughnut chart

Hi Today i will show, how to design circle bar chart in your website, it’s need HTML, CSS, jQuery for design circle bar chart, so let go to work. here is HTML   Here is CSS   Here is jQuery You can check on codepen, just click here And You can check another one, Click […]

Themeforest Soft-Rejection Reasons for HTML Templates

Themeforest Soft-Rejection

Hello Guys, i hope you are doing well 🙂 I have collected some of the soft-rejection reasons for html Templates in ThemeForest and wanted to share it with you here. 1. Please avoid trailing commas at the end of JS Objects. For example: { value_1: 5, value_2: 5, }; 2. Make sure the CSS file […]

How to Redirect to custom page after logged in and comment

wp redirect

Hello Everyone, Today I will teach you how to redirect custom page after logged in or how to redirect custom page after any people commented on your website, it’s very easy just need write one function for redirect after logged in any user and one function for redirect after submit comment any people. so now […]

Do you know how to write / use FAQ in your website? You can read the article

Hello Everyone, Today I will teach you How to write FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) in your websites, If you don’t know what is FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) ? then you can read below article from wikipedia Frequently asked questions (FAQ) or Questions and Answers (Q&A), are listed questions and answers, all supposed to be commonly […]

How to install Zen Coding Plugin in your notepad plus plus

zen coding install

Hello everyone, Today i will teach you how to install zen coding plugin in your text/code editor notepad++, it’s very simple, if you don’t know that, then your think this very difficult, but it’s not difficult, it’s very easy, just you need to copy and past 😀 I think you know what is zen coding? […]

Download demo contents and How to Import the Demo Contents

demo contents in wp

How to Import the Demo Content Important: You have purchased a WordPress theme, and not the example content as seen in the theme demo. You are more than welcome to import the example content into your site to help you get going, but the images can not be used on a live site, nor redistributed. […]

How to Sticky header after scroll in your wordpress site

WordPress Logo

Hi There Today i will teach you how to sticky your header area or menu in your WordPress website. it’s very easy work, if you have something coding knowledge, you can see below jquery code if you want to sticky then you will need this jquery code.   if you want to add stick menu […]

How to show Show all tags sorting by the number of post

WordPress Logo

Hi, Today i will teach you How to show Show all tags sorting by the number of post,   Thanks for read this article, you can share this post if you think this helpfully post.

How to Dynamic bootstrap carousel bullets in wordpress

Hi, Today I will teach you, how to dynamic bootstrap carousel bullets in WordPress website or themes, just you will query your posttype, WordPress default post or your custom post, and you can see below query codes then you can understand, just add extra dynamic counting  functions in your query then it’s working. You can […]

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