How to disable right click in my wordpress or html site

Disable right click

Hi, Today I will teach you, how to disable right click on your mouse in your WordPress site or html site, It’s very easy, and you don’t have need any code knowledge, Now I will show code, just if you input this code in your site, then disable mouse right click option in that websites, […]

How to Sticky header after scroll in your wordpress site

WordPress Logo

Hi There Today i will teach you how to sticky your header area or menu in your WordPress website. it’s very easy work, if you have something coding knowledge, you can see below jquery code if you want to sticky then you will need this jquery code.   if you want to add stick menu […]

How to use Infinite animated.css in Owl Carousel

Today i will teach you how to use Infinite animated.css in Owl Carousel. if you don’t have that then you can download animated.css and Owl Carousel.  You can see below codes

How to Use a temporary variable from jquery function in Angularjs controller

jquery logo

added the a button with a ng-click event as follows: then in your controller in jquery: You can see full code below You can see Demo Here You can use cookie plugin Download Here How to use this plugin Available Options   expires: Define lifetime of the cookie. Value can be a Number (which will […]

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