How to Sticky header after scroll in your wordpress site

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Hi There Today i will teach you how to sticky your header area or menu in your WordPress website. it’s very easy work, if you have something coding knowledge, you can see below jquery code if you want to sticky then you will need this jquery code.   if you want to add stick menu […]

How to show Show all tags sorting by the number of post

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Hi, Today i will teach you How to show Show all tags sorting by the number of post,   Thanks for read this article, you can share this post if you think this helpfully post.

How to Dynamic bootstrap carousel bullets in wordpress

Hi, Today I will teach you, how to dynamic bootstrap carousel bullets in WordPress website or themes, just you will query your posttype, WordPress default post or your custom post, and you can see below query codes then you can understand, just add extra dynamic counting¬† functions in your query then it’s working. You can […]

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